Ceibo Whistleblowing Channel



In Ceibo, Integrity is a fundamental value. This translates into acting with the highest standards of responsibility, transparency, respect, honesty, and consistency, going beyond legal regulations.

 Furthermore, in compliance with Law 20.393, which establishes the Criminal Liability of Legal Entities, Ceibo has established this "Whistleblower Channel" to report any offenses defined by said law, or any other improper conduct, whether by employees, suppliers, contractors, business partners, or third parties related to Ceibo.

 You may choose not to provide your name and surname when making a report, thus maintaining your anonymity. The reports and their handling will be kept confidential, unless, due to their nature, it is necessary to disclose this information to third parties for the purposes of the investigation or at the request of administrative or judicial authorities.

 You should provide as much information as possible to facilitate any subsequent action or investigation. 

Please remember that this whistleblowing channel is not intended for making commercial complaints