City of Brampton Council-authorized

Investigation (May 2021)



Welcome to the City of Brampton Confidential Reporting Platform

This platform is an independent reporting service operated by Deloitte on behalf of the City of Brampton in response to the Council-authorized investigation into a complaint email filed on April 22, 2021.

This platform will remain accessible for the duration of the investigation or until Council decides otherwise.

The City of Brampton takes reporting very seriously and will review all information disclosed to determine an appropriate course of action. Disclosures are completely confidential and you are not required to reveal your identity unless you choose to do so. This website is designed to receive Disclosures relating to the matters below in regard to the Council-authorized investigation:

  • Procurement issues

  • Discriminatory allegations

  • Workplace bullying and harassment

  • Destruction of information

  • Hiring practices

  • Standard policies and procedures compliance

If you are City employee, and your Disclosure is not related to the Council-authorized investigation, you may file your disclosure directly to the City’s Fraud Prevention Hotline.

Disclosures through this reporting platform, not specifically related to the Council-authorized investigation, will be confidentially transferred to the City’s internal Fraud Prevention Hotline for consideration. The City’s Office of Internal Audit will review each Disclosure not-related to the investigation and, if necessary, launch an investigation.

Disclosures made using this website can be made confidentially (i.e. you may provide your personal information to Deloitte but it will not be passed on to the City of Brampton unless you consent) or completely anonymously (i.e. Deloitte and the City of Brampton will not know your identity).

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